David Ayer: ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Surprises Still Intact

David Ayer: ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Surprises Still Intact

If you were one of the millions who watched every single Batman v Superman trailer and tried to piece together the plot, you were probably disappointed to see it played out as expected on the big screen. If you were one of the audience members who chose to avoid all media surrounding the film, perhaps you were a bit more surprised with the outcome. Either way, according to director David Ayer, Suicide Squad will not have the same problem.

“It’s very mysterious,” Ayer told Cinemablend. “I know everyone is peeking through a keyhole trying to figure out what the movie is about, but nobody’s got it yet – which is a lot of fun! Our surprises remain intact.” Speculation abounds online regarding the film’s plot, the Joker’s place in the narrative, who the main villain is, and how active a role Batman will play. If Ayer is to be believed, assuming he has time to scour the internet for fan theories, then no one has figured out any of the above; which is a relief. Not that theories of Joker’s prison break and Antiphon are bad, but because it’s nice to know the puzzle isn’t as simple to solve as it seems.


David Ayer's Suicide Squad


So far, the marketing for Suicide Squad has been leaps and bounds above that of Batman v Superman, perhaps the trailers are getting it right as well. Perhaps, the trailers are doing their job of teasing and not telling. This particular issue is something most films over the last several years have battled with — giving too much away before release.

Ayer’s claims would correlate with Will Smith’s recent hint that the movie’s ending is unexpected and unique. Let’s hope they’re both right. By summer’s end, all will be revealed since Suicide Squad releases in theaters on August 5.


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