Avengers Infinity War: Thanos and Thor will Have the Most Screentime

Avengers Infinity War: Thanos and Thor will Have the Most Screentime

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Avengers: Infinity War promises to bring together every superhero we’ve met in the MCU over the past ten years, and with such a vast number of characters, you can’t expect all of them to have the same amount of screentime. Co-director Joe Russo talks who we’ll see the most in the film, and he reveals that it’s actually the villain Thanos.

Talking to Fandango, Russo explains most of the characters with most screentime will be the Mad Titan and Thor:

“Interestingly enough, I’ll start out by saying Thanos, even though he’s not a character that had a huge preexisting story in the Marvel universe. He was a threat, but he was not developed in any way up to this point.

Thanos has an incredible amount of screen time in this film, in a lot of ways I would say it’s his movie. Our job when we make these films – and what we feel is important to us – is to surprise the audience. We wanted to tell a story that they weren’t expecting, and the story is told from the point of view of a villain, which I think is also really unique and risky for a commercial film that will surprise the audience.

I think this is a market where the audience really enjoys innovation and disruption, and we want to do something innovative in this space. So I think Thanos has an incredible amount of screen time, and I think you’ll find that Thor has a really interesting arc in the film. He hasn’t been at the forefront of other Avengers movies, but he certainly has a very important role in this film. So I’ll say, Thanos and Thor.”

Seeing that it’s usually Iron Man and Captain America who get the most attention, I’m curious about what Thor’s role is that we’ll actually be seeing a lot of him in the movie. I guess he has the heaviest burden to bear, for now, what with being appointed the ruler of Asgard, then suddenly having Thanos murder every last Asgardian onboard.

As for Thanos, hopefully, the huge amount of screentime is enough to flesh out his character and motivations. After 10 years of the MCU, we’re just now getting interesting villains like Erik Killmonger or The Vulture.

Avengers: Infinity War comes out April 27.


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