Avengers 4: Possible Leaked Concept Art of the Team’s Space Suits

Avengers 4: Possible Leaked Concept Art of the Team’s Space Suits

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While Marvel Studios hasn’t given us an official trailer for Avengers 4 yet, all we fans can do is hang on to leaks and rumors that have been coming out online. A recent toy leak has confirmed that the Avengers will be getting these white “space suits” in the movie, and some concept art has dropped of the team in uniform.


Again, we don’t have any news on this being official, so for now we should just take it with a grain of salt. The white suits do line up with the leaked images though, and I just find it so interesting to see Rocket in a uniform with the Avengers logo on it.

While some guess that these are space suits, others also think that this will be the team’s uniform when they enter the Quantum Realm. It has been said that the QR will play a relevant role in Avengers 4, but we’ll just have to wait and see if any of those rumors are true.

We don’t have any official synopsis on Avengers 4  from Marvel yet, but it’s said that the movie will feature a multi-year time jump since Thanos’ snap. Some set photos have also confirmed that there will be some scenes taking place during the first Avengers movie what with characters wearing old costumes.

There’s also a rumor going around that Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) is playing the grown-up daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Then again, some are thinking that she’s either the grown up daughter of Ant-Man or Hawkeye. Either way, she’s important.

Catch Marvel Studios’ Avengers 4 in theaters May 3, 2019.


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