Another GL Added to ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Film

Another GL Added to ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Film

Justice League: Part One hits theaters next November, and it’s already been revealed one of the Leagues’ founders, Green Lantern, won’t be involved. Whether or not the Lanterns play a part in Justice League: Part Two is still unknown, but the Corps will have a standalone film focused solely on it. Of course this means the Guardians of the Universe and other races/species are to be introduced into the DCEU, but according to the Latin-Review, we may very well see the introduction of multiple Green Lanterns of Earth.

Curious about the progress in casting the film, even though its 2020 release date is still a ways off, LR said they spoke with various sources and received interesting information. Not only will fan favorites Hal Jordan and John Stewart appear in the film, so, too will Kyle Rayner. As if that wasn’t news enough, it’s further alleged that Hal will be the oldest of the three, with the studio looking to cast someone in the age range of Matt Damon.


Kyle Rayner Green Lantern
Kyle Rayner


What’s especially interesting is Rayner’s appearance. When the character was introduced, it was a result of Hal’s Green Lantern killing spree. Following the massacre and the destruction of the Power Battery, the only surviving Guardian, Ganthet, was in need of someone to wear the last power ring — enter Kyle Rayner. Could this be why the studio is aiming for an older Hal? It seems unlikely Hal Jordan would return to the big screen already out of his prime, but it worked for Batman in Batman v Superman — of course it did, he’s Batman. Who’s to say it can’t work in an even larger ensemble film?

Having three of the Green Lanterns from Earth could prove a fascinating dynamic. As seen by a report released earlier of the five characters being cast for The Flash standalone, Warner Bros. is taking a deep dive. Fingers are crossed in hopes of all going well. Green Lantern Corps is slated for release on June 19, 2020.


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