Annabelle: Creation’s New Trailer Explores the Doll’s Origin

Annabelle: Creation’s New Trailer Explores the Doll’s Origin

With two films, one spinoff, and a two new projects on the way, The Conjuring Universe continues to grow. The first Annabelle movie wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the sequel, Annabelle: Creation, is promising new scares. At WonderCon, New Line presented the film’s latest trailer. Check it out below:

Lights Out director, David F. Sandberg, is bringing the next chapter of James Wan’s universe to life. During Annabelle: Creation’s WonderCon panel, Sandberg said the film was “my chance to my version of an old school horror film.” Because of the nature of trailers, it’s difficult to tell whether he will succeed in such a feat. However, the little on display does look promising to say the least.

Creation will explore the origins of the Annabelle doll originally introduced in The Conjuring. Taking place years before the spinoff’s first movie, Creation follows a nun and a group of children as they move into the home of a dollmaker and his wife. It seems it won’t be long before the children get curious about the secret horror held within the home.

When the film picks up, years have passed since the couple’s young daughter died. Wanting her back, the couple found themselves in contact with an entity in search of a permanent place to stay. They accept, welcoming it in the form of a doll crafted by the dollmaker. Things obviously didn’t go too well.

Annabelle Creation poster

After Annabelle: Creation, Conjuring fans have another spinoff to look forward to. The Nun, directed by Corin Hardy, is set to explore the Nun entity introduced in The Conjuring 2. Aside from news of the director, little is known about the franchise’s newly green-lit feature.

Annabelle: Creation opens this summer on August 11.

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