Creepy Alternate Designs for ‘Stranger Things’ Creature Emerge

Creepy Alternate Designs for ‘Stranger Things’ Creature Emerge

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People are still raving about Stranger Things, deservedly; it’s probably the highlight of the summer. The well-crafted mystery still has a few secrets up its sleeve. Hopefully, many of them will be unleashed in the yet to be announced Season 2… What are you waiting for, Netflix? Thankfully, early images of the creature, aptly deemed the Demogorgon by the kids, have emerged. If you thought the venus flytrap-faced beast was scary, wait ’til you get a load of early designs released by concept artist Nuttavut Baiphowongse. According to Collider, “the images are watermarked with the logo for Aaron Sims Creative, which series creators the Duffer brothers confirmed were collaborators on the creature’s design.”

One of Stranger Things’ creators, Matt Duffer, recently spoke about the design of the monster with Variety (via Collider):

“We had worked with a concept artist before — Aaron Sims — and he’s absolutely incredible. We talked a lot with Aaron about what we wanted this monster to look like. We talked about H.R. Giger, Guillermo del Toro, Clive Barker — we tried to find what about their monsters was so effective to us, they tended to be humanoid but there was something very bizarre about them. If you were going to encounter something from another dimension it would be very weird. We started to play around with it, and we ended up with the guy you see on the show.”

They all maintain the upright humanoid form we’re familiar with. However, these concepts show off more distorted alternatives. A few of them look like an emaciated T-Rex had a child with a Clicker from The Last of Us. The Upside Down is clearly a very terrifying place, and this is just further proof of the fact. Speaking of which, the aforementioned Aaron Sims Creative recently released concept art for The Upside Down.

Stranger Things is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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