‘Adults Only Section’ will Allegedly be Added to Disney+

‘Adults Only Section’ will Allegedly be Added to Disney+

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When it comes to the Disney brand, there has always been an emphasis on ‘family entertainment’ so it wasn’t any surprise that their streaming service, Disney+, would have a PG-13 cap on the ratings of their films. What’s interesting though, is that a rumor has come out that Disney is planning on adding more adult oriented content to the platform soon.

This comes from The Digital Bits’ Bill Hunt who says that Disney is planning on adding a password-protected ‘Adults Only’ section on Disney+. Here’s the post:

This ‘expansion’ is said to be a way for Disney to publish their more mature IP from MGM and 20th Century Studios. Originally people thought that they were just going to port everything over to Hulu, but as it stands, Disney+ has a better international reach.

For now this is just a rumor, but it does make sense that Disney would want to publish all the other mature content that they own. Personally, I’m seeing this ‘adults only’ section as an opportunity for future content. I’m sure the MCU and Star Wars can only go so long until fans get tired of the PG-13 stories and start looking for more experimental entries.

We don’t know when Disney plans to add this feature to their streaming platform, but I’m all for it. Hopefully we get some kind of official announcement before the year ends.

For now, Disney+ is available in select countries.



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