Adam Driver Thinks It’s Han and Leia’s Fault that Ben Solo became Kylo Ren

Adam Driver Thinks It’s Han and Leia’s Fault that Ben Solo became Kylo Ren

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One things that everyone can endlessly debate about online in Star Wars, and though the Sequel Trilogy had concluded last year, people are still talking about Kylo Ren and why he’s the way he is. What’s interesting is, Adam Driver has his own headcanon about the character; something that wasn’t clear in the movies as well.

Talking to Inverse, writer Lev Grossman had revealed that Driver thinks it’s the fault of Han and Leia that Ben Solo eventually fell to the Dark Side. Grossman explains:

“This is actually something Adam Driver said… He said that both Han Solo and Leia were way too self-absorbed and into this idea of themselves as heroes to really be attentive parents in the way a young and tender Kylo Ren really needed. There wasn’t really that much of it in the movie so I just think we have to assume his childhood sucked.”

While Star Wars is all about black and white villains and heroes, I actually like the notion that Han and Leia would lead to the downfall of their own son; kind of like how Luke Skywalker was the final twist of the knife that lead to Ben’s path down the Dark Side. While some say that this “assassinates” characters, I like the added nuance and humanity that even our heroes aren’t perfect.

Too bad Disney just decided to listen to all these Last Jedi haters and gave us the mess that was The Rise of Skywalker.

For now, the Star Wars franchise is on hold, and the next big film is aiming for a release sometime in 2022.


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