8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

1. Eddie Returns

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As mentioned previously, this revision of the timeline suggests that certain characters are alive again. In particular, Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond’s deaths surely haven’t happened now, as they originally gave their lives to stop the Reverse-Flash and the fallout of his plan.

While we’re not sure what role Ronnie could play (Stein already has a new Firestorm partner in Jax), Eddie’s resurrection opens up a lot of possibilities. In particular, it might actually realise a popular fan theory

In season one’s finale, Eddie can be seen wearing what looks to be a medallion around his neck during his death scene. This calls to mind comics villain Cobalt Blue AKA Malcolm Thawne, who uses a magical medallion in his quest to steal Barry’s life. The reason? He is Barry’s twin brother, who was accidentally abandoned by their parents at birth (it’s a long story).

Such a personal villain would make for a great big bad for season three, so let’s hope this prediction turns out to be true. Only four months until we get to find out!


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