8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

4. Black Flash

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Zoom met his end in the season two finale when the Time Wraiths got hold of him and carried him off into the Speed Force. Before doing that, they ravaged his appearance, turning him into an emaciated, jagged-toothed ghoul. Not only that, they also gave him a snazzy makeover by changing the lightning on his ears to red and his black emblem to a red lightning bolt on a white background. So what’s all that about?

Fans have immediately pegged this as foreshadowing the character’s return as a usually separate character from the comics. Black Flash – whom Zoom’s new look matches exactly – is basically a grim reaper for speedsters, employed by the Speed Force to guide those with speed powers to the afterlife when they die.

Despite his monstrous visage, Black Flash isn’t usually a villain as such, but seeing as Zoom is a wily one he might rebel against the Speed Force and go against Barry again in season three.


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