8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

8 Predictions For ‘The Flash’ Season Three

7. Team Flash

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Even if you don’t know the comics, it is quite easy to predict that certain members of Team Flash are going to become speedsters alongside Barry in the near future. Wally West’s arc has so far very closely followed Roy Harper’s on Arrow, and if that is set to continue he will become Barry’s faithful sidekick early on in season three. In the comics, Wally does just that, going by the name Kid Flash. He has already been hit by the particle accelerator – though who knows if that even still happened now?

Likewise, Jesse Wells was also caught in that same accident, and then awakened from her coma thanks to a spark of electricity from Barry. The only way it would be more obvious that she is to become a speedster is if she already had a speed-related nickname like, say, Jesse Quick.

And there’s one more hero who might also reappear to complete this Speed Squad…


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