5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck May Have Resigned as ‘The Batman’ Director

3. DCEU Skepticism and the Zack Snyder Blame Game

Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne
Zack Snyder & Ben Affleck on ‘Batman v Superman’ (Image via Warner Bros.)

Ask a few people why the DCEU isn’t working as expected and you’ll get an array of responses — chief among them may be director Zack Snyder. Of the five films in the franchise that will have released by year’s end, Snyder’s unmistakable mark is on all but two. This has been a cause for great contention since Man of Steel’s 2013 release, which was heightened following poor critical reception of Batman v Superman. The man’s been called everything from a fake DC fan to someone with an agenda of destroying what makes Superman a hero.

Admittedly, Snyder’s take on the genre is a bit unorthodox, influenced by his adoration of Watchmen, but few would argue he’s not a good director. And no one can deny his unique eye for action sets him apart in the industry. Months after BvS‘ launch, Snyder spoke candidly about the criticism and having to turn his attention to Justice League, despite the world seemingly being against him. Is the director of The Town and Argo ready to step into those shoes, even for one film?

Affleck is in a unique position; one that isn’t favorable. As previously noted, The Batman is considered, among critics and some fans, as the DCEU’s last chance. Even if Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Aquaman crush expectations, an imperfect Batman film is something no one can walk away from unscathed, especially in this epoch of superhero flicks. Pressure of that nature must be unfathomably daunting. Constantly being badgered for new information certainly isn’t any help.

Of course, all of the above is on top of his having to star in and co-write the film. Juggling those three jobs, and being saddled with potentially receiving criticism akin to his fellow DCEU directors may weigh heavily on Affleck, or anyone in his position. Additionally, such pressures could have negatively effected the movie itself. Again, his resignation could be a positive step in disguise.

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