10 Things to Expect From ‘The Flash’ Season 3

10 Things to Expect From ‘The Flash’ Season 3

10) Flashpoint


Yes, as was crystal clear to fans after the shocking cliffhanger at the end of season 2, The Flash will start its new run with an adaptation of the ‘Flashpoint’ comics story arc. With Barry having changed history by saving his mother, he will find that the timeline turned out very differently due to his actions.

The trailer for the new season, released at San Diego Comic-Con, gave us a great look at what to expect – including an Iris who doesn’t know Barry and a Tony Stark-ified Cisco. We also know that this new reality won’t be around for the whole season. Maybe we should expect a two-parter, in the vein of the Earth-2 episodes from last year?

Finally, it is also heavily rumoured that the changes in reality caused by Flashpoint will realign Supergirl‘s Earth with the Arrowverse – making it much easier for future crossovers.

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