10 Things to Expect From ‘The Flash’ Season 3

10 Things to Expect From ‘The Flash’ Season 3

2) Four-Way Multi-Show Crossover

Via Stephen Amell/Twitter
Via Stephen Amell/Twitter

With the addition of Supergirl to The CW’s DC line-up, that means that an impressive four superhero shows now air on the network. Naturally, we will be getting a whopping four-way crossover next season.

Not a lot is known about this must-watch event at the moment, but we do know that it will most likely be one big threat that unites Team Arrow, the STAR Labs gang, Supergirl and the Waverider crew. Stephen Amell also teased the upcoming crossover with a photo of various supershoes (see above).

There has been no official word on this whatsoever, but fans can hope the crossover will also feature Superman, seeing as he will join The CW-verse in Supergirl season 2.

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