10 Significant Things We Learnt From the ‘Justice League’ Set Visits

10 Significant Things We Learnt From the ‘Justice League’ Set Visits

8. The Flash has a complex suit

Via Warner Bros.

How do you make a suit for a guy who can run at superspeed that will withstand the friction? The Flash TV series has Grant Gustin in a resilient outfit apparently intended for fire fighters, but Justice League’s version of the character will sport a kind of highly-durable armour.

Ezra Miller’s Flash suit is apparently made up from 148 separate parts.

“It’s a prototype suit,” explains costume designer Michael Wilkinson. “He’s discovering his powers, he’s testing things. Some things work, some things don’t. It’s designed to protect him as he moves incredibly fast through space. We studied aerodynamics and vehicle design. There are materials that are great in high temperatures, that deflect electricity, because when he moves really fast he is able to generate electricity. He’s like an electrical coil. There will be a digital effect where these wires flash and circle his body and he can really create a lot of energy.”

Empire also joked that the suit comes with a mighty-sized codpiece. Just so you know.  

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