10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

10 Things From ‘WWE Raw,’ June 13th, 2016

5. Old-school Shield is a thing?

Remember when Degeneration-X broke up? Triple H got huge, while everyone else got lame. They took everything we loved about DX and destroyed it. It was like watching the later G. I. Joe cartoons, the sucky ones with all that Cobra-La bullshit. (DIC Animation, indeed.)

The DX breakup happened far too quickly, but that’s the nature of wrestling. It’s always changing, and rarely looks back. The present version of WWE is always the “official” version. It’s an alternate universe where CM Punk never existed, until he does again, through the magic of negotiation and old footage.

That’s the miracle of The Shield, though. This episode’s flashbacks remind us of the nearly two-year reign of WWE‘s pet project. The stable of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns was made to look like the wrestling equivalent of the Kryptonians from Superman II. (None of them are as pretty as Sarah Douglas. Don’t get smart.)

We got the Triple H-led DX for one year. We got the Shield for two. Despite our nostalgia for the nineties, fans got the better deal in the end.

the shield reunited
Photo Credit: WWE

Making it an Ambrose Asylum segment is a moot point. Fans just want to see these three in the ring at the same time, be they friends, foes, or in between. Each member of the Shield has matured into a distinct character, a bona fide personality. (Even Roman.) They also play off each other well, allowing some of their genuine selves to come through. Like them or not, the Shield’s best years may well be ahead of them.

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