10 Things We could expect from Iron Fist Season 2

10 Things We could expect from Iron Fist Season 2

With Marvel’s The Defenders fast approaching, many of us were hesitant about the delayed response in regards to Season 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist, which was recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con this July. The final defender was the most recent to debut and also the most critically divisive character to debut. The show split critics and fans alike but did manage to steal the crown of most-watched show on Netflix. With the announcement of another series, here are ten things we could expect to see from Season 2. (Some SPOILERS! may be present):



Misty Knight and Colleen Wing

1. A Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Team Up

Marvel’s TV Head Jeph Loeb hinted that the two could team up together like they did in the Marvel comics. They may already have some brief interactions together in The Defenders which could lay the foundations for a new friendship.


Image: Netflix

 2. Better Fight Choreography 

Speaking at LFCC last month, Finn addressed the topic of the less than average fight scenes in Season 1. He suggests that the next season’s choreography will potentially have more room to breathe:

“It’s very difficult with the shooting schedule we are on. I’m filming Monday to Friday, 14 hours a day for six months, so my body clock is completely off balance. Not only did I have to learn the choreography for the martial arts scenes but I needed to find time for the gym as well. The schedule was so intense, it was very difficult. I would learn the fights 15-20 minutes before shooting them, so I think we didn’t do that badly given the scheduling. Moving forward with Season 2, I think we will create more time in the schedule and give the fights more room to breathe, which I definitely think we did in The Defenders“.


Image: Johnny Yang’s Instagram

 3. The Iron Fist Suit

The Official Iron Fist suit from the comics was teased in Season 1 during a video of an original Iron Fist character protecting K’un-Lun in the 1940’s but it never made itself onto this iteration of the Iron Fist. However, Danny’s foray into the world of other superheroes in The Defenders could mean that he decides to upgrade to a more ‘heroic’ suit and allow himself to become the character that is so well known in the comics.


Iron Fist and Jessica Jones in The Defenders
Image: Netflix.

4. A Brand New Showrunner  

Scott Buck has exited Season 2 in favour of Marvel’s Inhumans and instead will be replaced by Elektra (2005) screenplay writer Raven Metzner who has also worked on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow. This could mean Season 2 has a whole new vibe and potentially a more mature and sophisticated feel.


Image: Netflix.

5. A More Mature Danny Rand

Following on from the new showrunner giving us an atmosphere is the potential evolution of Danny Rand himself. Finn Jones has teased that Danny will become a “different person” by the end of The Defenders and that he will have to come to grips with trying to be a responsible hero. Danny’s evolution could mean that he begins to focus less on his anger and more on helping those who really need it.



Marvel Comic’s ‘Iron Fist and Power Man’

6. Some Heroes for Hire teasers  

Although we do not know the plot of Season 2 yet, we already know that Misty Knight will be making an appearance which could signal a Luke Cage appearance as well. We know that both Luke and Danny will be spending time with each other in The Defenders and their new friendship could mean that we may see some teasers for this duo who become The Iron Fist and Power Man. Finn Jones has already posted a picture on his Instagram from SDCC with a picture of him and Mike Colter tagged ‘Heroes for Hire’ so it might not be a far off bet.



Finn Jones in Netflix's Iron Fist Still
Image: Netflix.

7. A potentially shortened season

Recently, Deadline reported that Netflix had ordered 26 episodes for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Season 2 (13 split between them). However, there are only 23 episodes for Daredevil and Iron Fist, suggesting that one show will get 10 episodes. Netflix is keen to have both seasons finished before 2017 which would clash with Iron Fist’s December shooting schedule. With Daredevil rating significantly higher than Iron Fist in fan reactions and critical reception, could Iron Fist be getting a shorter season to help push the scheduling along?


Image: Disney XD

8. Some MCU teasers

Although the Netflix Marvel series is set in the MCU world with plenty of Avengers easter eggs, they aren’t actually in the cinematic world. This means that they are more realistic and more on our street level. However, Iron Fist does team up with The New Avengers in the comics and in The Ultimate Spiderman cartoon series. With Spiderman joining the MCU it might be far off but there could be a reference to the two. The Defenders are not planning to come to the big screen anytime soon but it could be something that Marvel swiftly changes its mind on. Especially after Avengers: Infinity War, where we should expect to see some major main character losses.

9. Joy’s turn to the Dark Side

Joy was left pretty shaken up in Season 1 by the reappearance of her dead father and her shooting. We leave her and Davos in deep conversation about a change in her life with Madame Gao looking on maniacally. We know that Joy has reason to distrust Danny now her father is dead for real this time. It’s not hard to see that her joining forces with Davos could mean a new villain duo for Season 2.


Image: Netflix

10. Davos vs. Danny 

The two fighters didn’t exactly leave things on the best of terms at the end of Season 1. Davos AKA. The Steel Serpent was portrayed as a villain in the comics and was also better at fighting and physical athleticism than Danny. Could Davos be the villain of Season 2?

Season 2 has the capabilities to vastly improve on some of the weaker parts of its former season. The fighting, dialogue and production, in general, could all be improved upon. What do you think we could see in Season 2, and is there anything you would like to see?


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