10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

6. Well, it’s not all for kids, is it?

Both Marvel and DC have made serious inroads into the grownup animation market. We get a new animated Batman movie almost every year. Marvel continues with their direct-to-video and Marvel Knights animated projects. They’re not your old Superfriends, but they don’t have to be.

Image Credit: Warner Brothers Animation
Image Credit: Warner Brothers Animation

For all the heaving, disappointed sighs that accompanied Batman v Superman, there’s still some excitement among the DC faithful, and it surrounds two names only true nerds can appreciate: Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. When DC Animation put out The Dark Knight Returns, there was much they got right: the atmosphere, the dialogue, the reverence for the material. The one thing they missed, though, was voice casting. The upcoming, R-rated version of The Killing Joke will reunite the characters of Batman and the Joker with actors who gave them life long ago. Like most DC animated projects, it promises to be a more immersive experience than any live action version. Comics and animation go hand in hand, and as long as DC and Marvel animation continue to produce action even better than the movies, this stuff will be around.

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