10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

2. No room for print? Go digital.

Looking to check out some comics, but not sure where to start? Intimidated by the prospect of asking the real world equivalent of The Simpsons‘ Comic Book Guy whether the new Supergirl book is as good as the show? We understand. People work out at home for the same reason.

Luckily, digital comics have come to your rescue. Like ebooks, digital comics are a strange little idea that took off after a few years. All major publishers have digital versions of their print books, and some even have digital exclusives. They look amazing on a tablet, and you won’t have to polybag them when you’re done.

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Of course, if you’re a print junkie, fear not, for digital comics have actually proven to boost sales of physical books. Call it the vinyl effect, where you have already downloaded every Van Halen album, yet feel the need to have them on your shelf. Comics fans know this feeling all too well, having bought the same books several times in order to get multiple covers, or just to have a collected edition on the shelf.

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