10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

10. Accept it. The rest of the world has.

Superheroes were as entwined in the fabric of 20th century culture as rock n’ roll and westerns. Like other cultural standbys, they’ve been around long enough to be worthy of serious study. Whether this eventually makes superheroes as passe as Pat Boone or Roy Rogers remains to be seen.

Think about it. Friedrich Nietzsche comes up with the term “superman,” and influences generations of philosophers and assholes. Then a pair of teenage boys use that term and create the first superhero. Try to use the word “superman” now without thinking of some incarnation of the big, blue, Boy Scout. You can’t, because superhero culture is mainstream culture.

Image Credit: 1063RadioLafayette.com
Image Credit: 1063RadioLafayette.com

Everything from the sixties Batman theme to the thing Spidey does with his fingers is instantly recognizable. Start reciting the Green Lantern Oath in the right building, and you’ll likely find someone who can finish it. Even Deadpool has become a household name, thanks to Facebook memes and your curious grandmother.

Next time someone tries to tell you about superhero fatigue, take them to the grocery store. Or the local Six Flags. Or some kid’s birthday party. The Marvel and DC brands and trademarks are everywhere, and show no sign of going away. Even when there are no more Hulk movies, there will still be Hulk pinatas.

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