10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

10 Facts to Fight the Myth of “Superhero Fatigue”

9. Pictures move around and do things and make money.

If you take Superman: The Movie as your starting point, superhero movies have taken in over $14 billion at the box office since 1978. This includes the genre’s slow start (it’s over a decade between Superman and the Tim Burton Batman), its early-nineties boom period, the late-nineties bust, and the post-Blade period we find ourselves in now.

Image Credit: Marvel Studios
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Remember when Batman came out, and it was a one-of-a-kind thing, and it made a ton of money, and no one thought its success could be replicated? Yeah, there are 18 other movies, all with a higher lifetime gross than Batman, every one of them made this century. Even Batman v Superman has taken in more money than the Tim Burton Batman. The top spot, as expected, is still owned by the first Avengers, with a theatrical gross of $623 million. With numbers like these, superhero fatigue is as likely as Rob Liefeld getting a birthday card from Alan Moore.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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