Spoilers below for Batman v Superman.


Batman v Superman¬†has had divisive reception since its release. Fans and critics unanimously agree the film’s staggered pacing and overt plot holes hold the film back; however, two other scenes have been getting their share of the criticism — Batman’s origin story (Alfred can tell you how many times we’ve watched the Wayne murders) and that “Martha” scene everyone seems to hate or love with fervor.

Speaking with Forbes, Zack Snyder addressed both scenes and the motivation behind them.

Snyder on the “Martha” moment:

“You know, they‚Äôre both born and live in a world where someone can care about them and mourn them, and they can love their mother. And that‚Äôs the cool thing, you know we spend so much time with the Martha-Clark relationship that I think it kind of pays off there. You realize, oh, we needed that as viewers, so we could get to a moment with Batman where that moment with Martha resonates. Because we‚Äôve lived on with Clark‚Äôs relationship with his mother, so that moment is like, ‘Wow, that‚Äôs ringing for me and I feel it.'”

Ben and Zack on set

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Whether or not this is the best explanation is debatable, other theories¬†speculating the moment’s motivations are surely more poignant than others. Interestingly, Snyder intimated the scene may have factored into why he¬†chose to depict the Wayne killings.

“When we were shooting the title sequence, that whole idea about, ‘Do we really need to see the death of the Waynes again,’ is a big thing to take a shot at again. But you realize you need it, because it actually pays off. And I really wanted to do it all the way.”

Did it pay off? Some argue it did, others assert it didn’t. Did the¬†“Martha” scene work for you? Was it necessary to see Thomas and Martha gunned down in Crime Alley, again? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.