Most Marvel fans dream of an X-Men/Avengers crossover more than most anything. However we are all too aware how improbable such a thing is given the historically factious relationship between Marvel property owners Marvel (Walt Disney Co.), Sony and 20th Century Fox.

Things began to look the teeniest bit brighter when Sony and Marvel (Disney) managed to strike up a deal that allows the MCU to borrow Spider-Man for Avengers films while Sony retains the rights for all solo Spidey ventures. Due to this, the beloved web slinger is one of the main attractions in Captain America: Civil War.

Despite this thawing between the two companies, 20th Century Fox (current owners of the X-Men and Deadpool characters) has remained truculent, keeping any probability for an X-Men/Avengers crossover painfully bleak.

Things might be changing, though.


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During an interview with Crave, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg and Deadpool director Tim Miller discussed their hopes for such a monumental happening:

“But I would love to, someday, in part, heal the rift between the world of X-Men and the world of Avengers,” Tim Miller said.

“I think we all would, and I think there’s so much crossover in the comic it would be neat to see those characters one day share a movie,” Kinberg added. “Both of us are actually quite close with Kevin [Feige, Marvel president], and have a profound amount of respect for what he does. And it would be fun to all team up one day, somehow, together, if that could work.”

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While this in no way means a crossover is on the horizon, it’s definitely a step in the right direction and one that’s worth paying attention to. Respective cast members have been vocal about their desire, or at least support for, a crossover between the two franchises in the past.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies in 2015, Hugh Jackman (X-Men’s Wolverine) was asked if he felt such a collaboration was possible after the deal between Sony and Marvel (Disney) was announced:

“You know, I think as an optimist I would love it. … You’re in a very complex world where big, big sums of money are being spent for different franchises and so getting them together is difficult. Two years ago I would have said you’d be a real optimist to think it would ever happen, but weirdly I just think it maybe could. I think there is a possibility that it will happen.”

Only time will tell, but should such a thing happen, it would be a cinematic event that would be extremely unlikely to be topped.


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