Much of the promotion for the movie Cloverfield was done via an highly detailed online ARG (Augmented Reality Game). Tidbits were handed out such as a clip of the monster’s roar and a backstory for events that led up to the night portrayed in the movie.

With the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane, a supposed “blood relative” if not quasi sequel to the 2008 film, less than a month away another ARG has been started. This game is also looks to be giving clues and background to the upcoming release. Starting with John Goodman’s picture on the website ( that was used in 2008 for Cloverfield’s ARG the trail leads to information about what appears to be his character’s backstory.

As reported by the Cloverfield Clues’ website ( the trail goes cold when a user gets to a chat prompt that asks the question “What was the secret gift I gave you on your 13th birthday?” Will those playing along be able to figure out the correct answer? What will be given once it has been figured out? Right now, those following along are as excited to know if any of those questions will be answered but one thing is certain that ARG’s such as this one are still a good promotional tool to work fans and fanatics alike into a frenzy for the continuation of the now cult classic.