Shooting of the Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman film has begun on Italy’s Amalfi Coast for scenes on the island of Themyscira. With that, new images of the Amazons have emerged online, showing them on horseback and on foot, seemingly prepared for battle. The photos, courtesy of the DC FILMS Tumblr page, depict a small army of Amazons moving along a beach in what appears to be some sort of battle formation. Perhaps they are preparing to fight the boat of soldiers, pictured below, should the need arise.

Their armor looks fantastic. Its simple design and color palette seems to match the look Jenkins recently spoke of going for in the film — different from men’s armor and unique to appeal to women.



Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, is noticeably absent from the photos, as is her Steve Trevor co-star, Chris Pine. Though we did see photos of the two’s iconic meeting last week.

Also of note is the more diverse cast than the previous look we were given of Diana, her aunts, and her mother, Hippolyta. When the photo of the four was unveiled, Patty Jenkins was bombarded with questions of diversity; she responded with the encouraging tweet below.



Based on the images above, the film certainly seems to be moving in that direction. With Batman v Superman in theaters now, and Wonder Woman getting most of the love, it’s safe to say her standalone film has the audience’s attention. These new details and images are making the wait for the movie’s June 2, 2017 release date a bit more bearable.


Images: Warner Bros. 

  • Leeloo

    Sorry no love for Wonder Woman. We don’t want Olive Oyl dressed in a wonder woman costume as WW. We want a Wonder Woman that looks the part along with strong and feminine and good acting chops. This Gal fits none of that. Abolish and cast the lead of Wonder Woman appropriately. Olive Oyl cannot play WW.