Last night, during the Warner Bros. CinemaCon presentation, the studio unveiled new footage of the upcoming Wonder Woman film to press outlets. According to Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier, the presentation began with 15 minutes of highlights on upcoming DC films, as well as the studio praising the successes of Batman v Superman. It sounds like the start of a PlayStation press conference.

During the 15 minute CinemaCon presentation, WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that Batfleck will indeed get a solo film, and the latest Suicide Squad trailer was shown. In addition to that, the Wonder Woman footage, which lasted roughly 30 seconds, was featured in a sizzle reel that included scenes from Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

The footage showed glimpses of Chris Pine in the cockpit of a plane preparing for take off. The Princess was seen in the woods riding horseback, with her sword drawn, but she was also shown in action. Taking on a group of soldiers in a room, the footage captured her throwing spin kicks and deflecting a bullet in a return-to-sender fashion that killed three soldiers in one hit. It sounds and looks glorious!




Lussier noted the film’s color palette and aesthetic definitely resembles that of Batman v Superman but states that its period setting gives it a “different feel.” No word yet on when the footage will be made available for public viewing.

Wonder Woman was recently pushed up three weeks from its original release date to June 2, 2017.


Images: Warner Bros.