Next year’s untitled Wolverine film is building up an impressive cast. Hugh Jackman previously said he wouldn’t return to the role until the script for his final outing as the mutant was perfect. Given that the film is now casting, they must be pretty close to finishing that script.

The latest to join Wolverine 3 is Stephen Merchant, according to Deadline. The co-creator of the UK version of The Office is making his first real step in to the blockbuster world. So far, there have been very few details about what we can expect from James Mangold’s The Wolverine sequel. There are no rumours of plots or comic arc adaptations, while details are thin on which characters will be appearing.

We know that Merchant will be joining both Richard E. Grant and Boyd Holbrook in the film. THR reported that Grant is playing, “a villainous mad-scientist type.” This information came after Deadline broke Holbrook’s casting. The Narcos actor is the main villain, and he’s described as, “a relentless, calculating and intense head of security for a global enterprise.”

Merchant’s casting is even more vague, if you can believe it. Ricky Gervais’ long time collaborator is a complete unknown in the film. Going by the stereotypical roles that Deadpool mocked, we’d bet he’s either a British villain or a comic relief character. Moody teen seems a little out of his wheelhouse.

We know Wolverine 3 will see Patrick Stewart return as Professor X. From the description of Holbrook’s villain, this doesn’t seem like the Old Man Logan adaptation we were hoping for. In that desolate future, there’s not much room for global enterprises. It seems Fox is taking this one in a very different direction.

The film will need to move quickly to meet its March 3, 2017, release date, so we should get more news soon. However, you aren’t going to have to wait that long to see Wolverine on screen again. According to Bryan Singer, Logan has a pivotal role in next month’s X-Men: Apocalypse. 


Image via HBO