It was recently revealed that Wolverine 3 has already began shooting, with Hugh Jackman donning the claws for the final time. Despite production having already gotten under way, it seems like the film is adding more talent. A new report from TheWrap suggests Fear The Walking Dead actress Elizabeth Rodriguez will be joining the cast.

A source close to the studio has allegedly told them that Rodriguez is, “in negotiations to join Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in James Mangold‘s superhero sequel.” The only other details within the story were that she’s up for, “a small but key role”.

That’s not unusual for this film. We know almost as much about it as the creators of X-Men Origins: Wolverine knew about Deadpool. So far, every casting decision has come with brief descriptions, and no name for each character. We know Patrick Stewart is joining as Professor X, but the other roles and the plot are a mystery.



We have heard recently that Wolverine clone X-23 could make an appearance here. That was seemingly backed up when Bryan Singer talked about the upcoming X-Force, saying that he had pushed for her to appear in that film. If they were planning to introduce Laura Kinney to this film universe, then surely this would be the perfect time to do so.

We don’t see Rodriguez taking up Wolverine’s claws, especially given how Fox tend to go for big names for these key roles. She’s not likely to be playing X-23, but could she be related to her? Her mother, Dr. Sarah Kinney, is an important part of her origin. While it’s pure speculation, that could be her small, key role.

You’d imagine it’s a part that would suit Rodriguez, after she starred as a mother in Orange is the New Black and as a nurse in Fear The Walking Dead. Hopefully we’ll find out exactly who she’s playing long before Wolverine 3 opens on March 3, 2017.


Image via Netflix