“This has happened before. Don’t worry. It won’t happen.”

These were the refrains of Doctor Who fans at the end of January, when Netflix and Hulu gave warning that the popular BBC show would no longer be available starting February 1st. Binge watching and finger crossing ensued. This has happened a couple of times before and each time a last minute deal was reached.

However, this time the date came and the good Doctor was nowhere to be found. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with lots of speculation. Was BBC finally making viewers move to its own streaming service? What shows were next? Would fans have to move to the ancient format that is spoken of only in passing? Deeveedee, what a peculiar name.

Coincidently, Netflix does offer Doctor Who on the physical format. Yes, you could purchase Doctor Who via iTunes and other online services, but it was so easy before; such carefree days.

Yesterday, it was reported that Doctor Who will resume streaming on March 27th via Amazon’s streaming service, Amazon Prime Video. Streaming of Doctor Who, along with other titles, comes as part of their $99 per year Amazon Prime subscription service. Pricey just to watch the show, but, thankfully, the Doctor’s new streaming provider offers other benefits as well with Prime.

Image: BBC
Source: Variety