Warner Bros. confirmed at CinemaCon today that Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie is happening. While this has long been rumored, this was the first time the studio said anything about it. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara announced the project during his opening statement at the studio’s presentation, reports Mashable. However, it’s not clear if Tsujihara really did confirm that Affleck will be directing Batman.

The Batman movie will be released within the next five years. Warner Bros. has several untitled DC movies scheduled (as seen on the Box Office Mojo schedule), so Affleck’s Batman could take a date in October 2018 or November 2019. It was previously reported Affleck already wrote the script for his Caped Crusader movie, which he’s been co-writing with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

Affleck made his debut as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we will see him again in Suicide Squad on August 5, as well as Justice League Part One next year. Let’s just hope we’ve seen Bruce Wayne’s parents murdered on the big screen for the last time.

Affleck and Warner Bros. have a long relationship as the studio released both The Town and Argo. He’s currently finishing work on Live By Night, an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel that’s scheduled for October 2017.


Image: Warner Bros.