After Chris Evans appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, Wednesday night saw Robert Downey Jr. in studio. The Iron Man actor discussed plenty about the film, and he brought with him a few of his Civil War team mates. You can see their interviews below, which gave away some tidbits ahead of the film.

In typical Downey Jr. style, he was as modest as possible during the interview. He congratulated himself and the cast for a, “bang up job” on the film. On top of that, he told Kimmel about Captain America star Chris Evans getting nervous ahead of the premiere.



After they Downey talked about how he can now basically take credit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after he kicked it all off. The newest addition to the MCU is Tom Holland as Spider-Man, and the Iron Man actor teased that he could make an appearance in the web-slinger’s standalone film.



Downey was then joined by a few other members of Team Iron Man. That included Emily Van Camp’s Sharon Carter/Agent 13. She played coy about which side she was really on, but it’s hard to see her on opposite sides to Cap. She might have gave away where her allegiances really lie, as she said she didn’t film anything with Paul Bettany or Don Cheadle. On top of that, Bettany talked how he moved from being Jarvis to becoming The Vision.



While most of the supporting actors seemed a little afraid to steal anything from the set, unsurprisingly Downey wasn’t the same. It seems like he took home a pretty big prop after wrapping filming for Avengers: Age of Ultron.



Image via Marvel