Yesterday, SpaceX did something historic, as they often do. They landed a rocket. Awesome, right?

It’s nothing new for them; this past December they landed a rocket on solid ground. This time it was even more awesome because they landed their rocket, Falcon 9, on a droneship at sea. The landing was gentle, elegant even, and totally non-explosive. According to Popular Science, once the droneship, Of Course I Still Love You, brings the Falcon 9 back to port, “the company will test fire the engines about 10 times, and if all is working well, they could fly it again as soon as May or June.”


spacex landing


To everyone who couldn’t be there to see the event live, there were, of course, live streams available for the public’s viewing pleasure. Today, SpaceX released the videos below. One (of the landing) is in glorious 4K resolution. The other footage was taken from the Falcon 9’s onboard camera.


[youtube id=”sYmQQn_ZSys”]


Footage from the onboard camera:


Images: SpaceX