Plenty of fans wanted to see more love for Star Wars: The Force Awakens at The Oscars earlier this year. While it didn’t get any awards, host Chris Rocks seems to be a fan. Rock recently sat down with J.J. Abrams to discuss that film and much more in an interview at the Tribeca film festival.

The interview, which you can see below, is kept pretty light in tone. Rock does a pretty good job keeping the audiences’ attention, while still getting quite a bit of interesting information from Abrams. It turns out the two worked together quite recently, with Abrams’ production company helping out Rock’s Oscar skits.

Given his fantastic display at the Oscars, we know that Rock is capable of being entertaining when talking about films. He’s at his best in this video, making it much more than a behind the scenes look at film-making. It comes in at a lengthy 74 minutes, but it’s certainly worth your time.

They both talk about their approaches to making films, with Rock having plenty of experience behind the camera himself. The two give their thoughts on plenty of current topics, as the comedian rails against a few recent superhero movies. You can see which property Rock asked Abrams to rescue, as well as a run down of their favourite TV shows in the video below.

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