The CW YouTube channel has a series that goes over the The Flash’s stellar visual effects. In them, the artists explain the concepts created for the awesome effects we see on television, and how those paper designs and ideas end up on the small screen. This episode in the VFX video series, details the art deco look of Earth 2, Killer Frost’s ice powers, King Shark and his stunning water scene, Trajectory, and the mysterious Time Wraiths. Check out the video, but warning it and the content below, contain spoilers.


[youtube id=”8iicPK6BNUc”]


Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the VFX is in the details. Who knew the artists paid special attention into making sure the Dementor looking Time Wraiths had semblances of a disintegrating cowl on their ghostly visages? Because they exist as a part of the Speed Force, could they be foreshadowing what will happen to Trajectory? She, seemingly, gets absorbed into the Speed Force and becomes a Time Wraith? Are… are we entering Barry disappearing in Crisis on Infinite Earths levels of insanity? Let us know your theories and thoughts in the comments down below.


VFX Time Wraith

Time Wraith. That IS a cowl.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on The CW.


Images: The CW