The marketing campaign for Captain America: Civil War is in full swing, bringing with it plenty of news on other Marvel films. Collider brought us updates on Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, as both of those movies gear up to start production.

With Black Panther set to be Marvel’s first film in 2018, they’re hard at work getting it ready. We have production dates for every phase three movie up to then, and now we have an update on T’Challa’s standalone adventure.

When asked when the script would be finished, Kevin Feige said, “Very soon. We have a number of writers on it including Ryan Coogler, who is also directing, he’s working on the draft right now.”

We already knew that Ryan Coogler would be directing, but it’s interesting to find out that he’s on writing duties too. The director played a part in writing the scripts for his two previous films, Fruitvale Station and Creed.

On top of that, we should be expecting the Black Panther to get some company over the next few months. “Between now and the end of the summer there will be more casting announcements,” added Feige. “We start filming at the very beginning of next year.”


Thanos is the Avengers next test

Images via Marvel


The process for Avengers: Infinity War is speeding up too, as scripts for the two part epic are due this month. Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely told that, and more, to Collider.

On the process behind writing such a huge movie Markus said, “Gradually it begins to take shape, and gradually one thing becomes a story. Now how we can we surprise people?”

It seems that is their main problem ahead of this film. Given it’s the final act to a huge series, based off a comic story, just how do you keep things surprising?

According to McFeely, we can still expect some twists. “Just how Winter Soldier is not Winter Soldier, and Civil War is not Civil War,” he said. “They’re not direct interpretations. We take the best ingredients and make a different little meal out it.”