The PlayStation Network may have, inadvertently, let leak the title of this year’s Call of Duty. The game’s title was featured on the Store under PSN’s top trending list, and while Infinity Ward probably isn’t ready to talk just yet, it seems they have been beaten to the punch.

In the screenshot below, the entry on the PlayStation Store has the game labeled as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It’s ambiguous enough to mean any number of things, so not much should be read into it. For now.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare entry on PSN

Courtesy of IGN


Earlier today, Jim Sterling shared leaked information via Twitter, which indicated Infinity Ward would be ready to unveil their next CoD entry next week. Perhaps PlayStation’s slip-up could be a small hint at what’s to come.


Activision has been having a tough time keeping things under wraps as of late. Last month, information regarding the game’s setting was leaked as well. Infinite Warfare, if this is the actual title, would definitely corroborate the game’s supposedly sci-fi space setting. How far into the future the series is planning to go remains to be seen, but it certainly doesn’t sound like a near-future kind of project.


Image: Activision