Disney’s making dreams come true. In this case, its subsidiary, Marvel Studios, is doing it for one of its newest cast members: Tom Holland.

Way back when Holland was a wee young lad…well, a wee-er, younger lad…he apparently had at least a mild admiration for Spider-Man, as most kids do. He may have also been a bit psychic. This blast from the past was found via Billy Elliot The Forum, which is a fanmade board maintained during Holland’s 2008-2010 run as Michael in Billy Elliot the Musical in London’s West End.


Tom Holland with Spider-Man figure before Billy Elliot 2010

Image via Billy Elliot The Forum


Seems like young Holland (age 13 in the above photo) is really living the dream now as he snagged the coveted role as Peter Parker only five years after this photo was taken. Even better that he’ll be the first to don the web-slinger’s spandex for Spider-Man’s initial outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond after an unprecedented deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios in 2015. Per the agreement, Marvel Studios may cast Spider-Man in collaborative films such as the upcoming Captain America: Civil War and future Avengers films. Meanwhile, Sony maintains rights to all solo Spider-Man projects.

Critics and audiences lucky enough to have seen the movie already have almost unanimously gushed about what an amazing addition he is to Civil War and the MCU at large. Holland, 19, has also been signed for a solo Spider-Man trilogy beginning with Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, due in theaters July 7, 2017.

Suffice it to say, after a two-year run in Billy Elliot the Musical, Holland is a pretty experienced dancer so we likely will not be plagued with any of this during his stint as Spider-Man:


Spider-Man Peter Parker emo dancing


Captain America: Civil War opens in US theaters May 6.


Images via Marvel (Walt Disney Studios), Columbia Pictures