Monday night on The Late Late Show With James Corden guests Tom Hiddleston and Thomas Middleditch were subjected to a terrible fate: cuddling with baby leopards. We know; it’s freaking horrifying.


Tom Hiddleston and Thomas Middleditch on James Corden

Hiddleston and Middleditch–honestly, this pairing has ‘casting’s greatest joke’ written all over it. 


Corden welcomed famed zookeeper Jack Hanna to the stage, and in his arms he carried aforementioned leopard cubs. He handed them off to the actors, freeing him to bring out further animals including a penguin, a bearcat and an echidna (a large porcupine/anteater sort of thing for the laymen).

Of course as Hiddleston adoringly snuggled with his new furry, spotted friend the Internet and all Hiddlestoners therein collectively swooned and likely passed out. As if that wasn’t enough, both the penguin and bearcat took their turns greeting the charming Brit as well. Seems animals love themselves a bit of posh thespian as much as the Internet does.


You can watch the entire warm, fuzzy goodness below:


[youtube id=”E4MUXs4IHtY”]


No word yet on how Hanna managed to pry the baby leopard out of Hiddleston’s arms, if he managed it at all. It paints a great mental image to think of Hiddleston morphing into Loki, long black hair and all, in order to keep his new buddy.


Loki with scepter in Avengers

You remember what happens when he finds something he wants? Chitauri. Everywhere.


It wasn’t all furry squeal-inducing gooeyness, though. Prior to Hanna’s appearance, both actors discussed their respective current projects. While Middleditch was promoting his show, HBO’s Silicon Valley, Hiddleston elaborated on his latest body of work, The Night Manager. The highly-acclaimed spy thriller is a six-episode miniseries for the BBC, currently airing in the US on AMC. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to remedy that posthaste (it’s currently airing in the US every Tuesday night on AMC). Word on the street is they’re making a big push for Emmy consideration on this one, particularly a well-deserved best actor nod for Hiddleston. Hugh Laurie also stars and is naturally awesome in it.

Though sadly leopard-free, you can also see Hiddleston in his newest silver screen thriller, High Rise, due in theaters May 13 (available digitally April 28 on Amazon Prime and iTunes). Plus, as he’s just wrapped filming on Kong: Skull Island (due in theaters March 10, 2017), Hiddleston will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he begins filming Thor: Ragnarok in June, reprising his iconic role as Loki. Busy, busy man.


Images and video via CBS, Marvel (Walt Disney Studios)