Toho, the Japanese movie company famous for its movies of guys in rubber monster suits, released the trailer for Godzilla Resurgence recently.



That is a much different version of Godzilla than Legendary Picture’s 2014 adaptation. While much in the trailer appears to be more modern, the monster himself looks to be some sort of combination of a puppet along with a guy in suit and CGI.

The movie is known as Shin Gojira in Japan. At least that’s what we can tell from the movie’s website which is filled with lots¬†of news and commentary. Thank Godzilla for online translators to help us flesh out more information on what to expect.

The world of science fiction that Godzilla is present, the reality of caricature not only the dreams and aspirations, is also a satire or a mirror image. In the current, Japan is also a reckless attempt to draw it.

Honest, production costs as compared to the world capital also production time even in extremely low Japanese site, in the constraints on the various terms of content, I do not know the draw really far.

– Screenplay, general director Hideaki Anno

That totally explains it all. As for the cast, who is in the movie?




Don Johnson in this case doesn’t appear to be Crockett from Miami Vice and that does look to be a large cast of international unknowns, but what about the real star? The big guy himself looks larger than other Toho outings with red, almost volcanic, highlights and shorter, less mobile arms.




Godzilla Resurgence premieres in Japan on July 29th with no current international release dates announced, yet. However, if you know you can make it and buy tickets in advance, you’ll get a Godzilla vs. Evangelion poster.


This alone might be worth the price of airfare to to Japan.

This alone might be worth the price of airfare to Japan.


Images via Toho Co. Ltd.