So many recent reports have flown around regarding a Beetlejuice sequel, including casting reports and controversies. Still, there hasn’t truly been an official word from director Tim Burton himself on whether or not the project is happening until now. Collider’s Steve Weintraub spoke with Burton point blank to set the record straight.

“This is the thing, it’s something that I’m interested in, but there’s so many stories [online], dumping Michael Keaton for Johnny Depp and this or that, and I’ve talked to these people and they didn’t wanna hear this so they just made up a story. But the fact of it is I have talked to Michael and I have talked to Winona, I’ve talked to a few people. It’s something that I really would like to do in the right circumstances, but it’s one of those films where it has to be right. It’s not a kind of a movie that cries out [for a sequel], it’s not the Beetlejuice trilogy. So it’s something that if the elements are right—because I do love the character and Michael’s amazing as that character, so yeah we’ll see. But there’s nothing concrete yet.”


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It’s almost a breath of relief that Beetlejuice is one of the very few properties from the 80s/early 90s that may yet be sacred. While Robert Zemeckis basically said, “Over my dead body,” regarding a Back to the Future reboot or sequel, almost all other popular films from that decade have gone or are going through some form of regurgitation from Ghostbusters to Poltergeist to Mad Max. And while it would be nice to give Burton credit for being so conscientious regarding reboots, he himself has helmed a couple including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which is now being re-rebooted.


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While Beetlejuice isn’t begging for a sequel, it would be interesting to see how one would play out. It felt like we were given adequate closure at the end, but perhaps Beetlejuice’s head was finally fixed, and he’s trying to reunite with his would-be bride.

In the meantime, Burton is working to bring Dumbo back to the screen in a live-action film. Speaking of things no longer being sacred…


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