NeoGAF user shinobi602, known for his industry insight, has said the series’ latest entry “makes Black Ops 3 feel like the stone age.” In response to a question of whether or not the game would be akin to Battlefield 2142, shinobi602 had only this to say: “Very far future. Space Combat. Full on sic-fi.”

Not a lot to go on, but according to a follow up story by Eurogamer, this year’s developer, Infinity Ward, is not making a direct sequel to their last CoD game, Ghosts. “2016’s Call of Duty will offer space combat between warring sci-fi groups in the far flung future,” the site offered saying they too heard details similar to Shinobi’s claims.

Ghosts ODIN

In the past, Shinobi’s rumors have been correct about the wall-run feature in Black Ops 3; he was also right in announcing the title was being produced in coordination with an outsourced developer for PS3 and Xbox 360. This coming E3 will prove if he’s batting a thousand, as the next Call of Duty is scheduled to be announced at the show, probably during PlayStation’s press conference.

The next Call of Duty, whatever its title and setting is, will launch this Fall on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.


Images From Ghosts (Space Mission) via Activision