Following the release of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, development of an open world Superman game, entitled Man of Steel (no affiliation to the 2013 film), began at Brash Entertainment with Factor 5. It was an ambitious project the team took on in late 2007, with the intention of having it appear on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii platforms. When Bryan Singer’s follow-up to Superman Returns was halted before he could get started, the game, which was supposed to launch within the film’s release window, suffered heavily as well.

Financial woes led to the studio’s closure and the game’s cancellation. Sad thing too. While no one on the team was admittedly good with narrative, they were striving for an unprecedented gameplay experience, that they’d hoped could be carried over into a multiplayer component — one that would have featured a playable Supergirl character.

The video below, by Did You Know Gaming, features concept art and early builds of the game. It also goes through the development history of the title, as well as the villains the team planned to have Superman battle.

[youtube id=”qBeSUzmG43g”]

What a wonderful thing it could have been.


Image: Brash Entertainment and Factor 5