Stan Lee, Marvel icon and senior citizen supreme, had recently proclaimed his cameo in Deadpool as his favorite. (C’mon, what’s better than being a DJ at a strip club?) Now, though, he’s changed his mind.

The 93-year-old kid at heart has now stated that his favorite cameo to date was in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the cameo, he plays a World War II veteran who takes on Thor’s challenge of partaking of an Asgardian drink. The veteran becomes quite drunk, being carried out of the party slurring “Excelsior!” (Which, as all Marvel geeks know, is Lee’s signature line.)

What will be Stan Lee’s next cameo? It’s anyone’s guess, but we can be sure it will be as epic as all of his others, and the theaters will certainly cheer at his appearance.

Deadpool is now in theaters worldwide.



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