Since Disney purchased Star Wars, fans have gotten some neat merchandise. This is nothing new. Under George Lucas, Star Wars products ranged from breakfast cereal to tongue depressors and all points in between. One of the products that’s been around since the release of the first movie has been the vinyl record. 39 years later and here we are getting another LP release but this time with a twist.

Disney Music just announced the release of the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens on vinyl. It is more than just a symphonic version of the music from the film. The discs are futuristic. Think holograms.

[youtube id=”DLuvkcV2oi4″]

Ok, so that’s not quite the holograms we were thinking of from Star Wars. We were thinking something more like this.


Or maybe this.


Wouldn’t it be wild if the hologram was more like this though?


Of course, to be retro this would be the hologram to pick.


Perhaps we’re asking too much. The new holograms of the spaceships are kind of neat. Plus, with the Disney Music version you get a collector’s book and the set of two discs comes on 180-gram vinyl so it’s audiophile approved. Then again to view the holograms the company gives the following instructions:

Use a direct light source or simply hold a mobile device flashlight above the vinyl to view the holographic images.

Have we come to the point in human development that to use a flashlight we have to use the one that comes with our phones, and not the torch kind that doesn’t play music, games, or connect to the internet? Wouldn’t it be easier to play the soundtrack on a mobile device while watching video of the hologram?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens two LP hologram vinyl is available for pre-order on the Disney Music site, has a June 17 release date and will set you back $49.96.

Images: Walt Disney Co./Lucasfilm