The Flash star Grant Gustin is so fast, he’s got ideas that are ahead of the times. In a rare cross-network crossover, CW actor Gustin will appear on CBS‘s Supergirl. Though both characters are the property of DC Comicswith the shows being on different networks it was previously thought that the two would never meet.

Now, though, speedster Barry Allen will be introduced to Kryptonian Kara Zor-El, and the two will engage in a footrace to see who is fastest. reports that Allen’s ability to travel between universes will allow him to visit National City. Gustin hopes that the stars of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will be able to make the trip as well some day. As Gustin says, “The whole point of us doing this crossover is setting up the fact that maybe next year we can cross over all of them.”

It certainly would be a huge event to have all four shows cross over, but will it happen?

The crossover episode airs March 28, 2016 on CBS.

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