For the past 77 years, Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman creation has touched the lives of millions worldwide. For some more than others, the Bat isn’t solely a symbol of justice, he’s also a symbol of hope. The hope of a better tomorrow; the hope of rising from the most difficult moments of our lives and finding a way to continue forward. We lose people, like he has, we struggle, as he does, but the defining representation of the Dark Knight is void of those aspects of his mythos. It instead exists in the coming together of people from all walks of life and from every corner of the Earth. In despite of race, age, culture, and social status, millions share one common denominator: The love of Batman. Spreading that love is the cornerstone of being a Bat-fan and, fortunately, Barry “Bazz” Henderson was able to witness it firsthand. Unfortunately, it was not under the best of circumstances.

Earlier this year, a #Batman4Bazz Twitter campaign was launched. At the center was a terminally ill Batman fan, Bazz, who had one wish — to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The campaign became a trending topic on the social media site, and before long, it had gone viral. Fans from all over worked tirelessly to garner the attention of Warner Bros. and the director, Zack Snyder. They wanted to ensure a very sick man had his last wish fulfilled.

Thankfully, Barry’s wish was fulfilled. He passed away four weeks ago, and fans were saddened by the assumption he never got a chance see the film. However, his sister, Gwen, has spoken out and in doing so revealed the Twitter campaign was indeed successful. Not only did Barry see the film, he loved it as well.

Gwen extends thanks to Zack Snyder, those at Warner Bros., and the cinema’s staff that helped make her brother’s dream a reality. Additionally, she sends thanks to the people online that made it possible by aiding her in spreading the word. She also revealed her inability to speak about it sooner was because of a non-disclosure agreement put in place to reduce the chances of spoilers being leaked.

Somewhere in the ether of existence all that is Batman is offering up that ever so rare smile of his, pleased that his vision of altruism has been spread in the most endearing manner.

To everyone involved in granting Barry’s wish, know that you are appreciated beyond words and that your heartfelt charity won’t soon be forgotten. We offer our deepest condolences to Gwen and the rest of Barry’s family; his seeing the film may be only a small comfort in this difficult time, but thank you for sharing his story with the world.

Rest in Peace, Barry. You, like your hero, have inspired much hope in all of us.


Image Courtesy of Gwen Henderson-Gates