You might remember this idea floating around a while ago but now – alongside another thought-dead film from Sony – the Jump Street/Men In Black crossover movie is back on.

With Phil Lord and Chris Miller busy on Disney‘s Han Solo movie, James Bobin of The Muppets and Alice Through The Looking Glass is set to direct. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are in talks to reprise their roles from previous Jump Street films but, unfortunately, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will definitely not be involved. However, what we know so far suggests the new leads will still be playing Agents Jay and Kay. Visit Variety for more on their exclusive.

This might not be the movie crossover audiences have been clamouring for but, hey, just because it doesn’t have fans salivating like Batman V Superman doesn’t mean it won’t be a diverting, fun film when it turns up. Right?



Image via Variety