IGN have released interviews from the Batman v Superman press junket, where attention turned to a Man of Steel sequel. While Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill were positive, it sounds like there isn’t much room for a Superman standalone.

Batman v Superman Producer Charles Roven said there are discussions happening, but the studio is struggling to find the time. He told IGN, “we’re in the process of looking at that, but we don’t have it on the schedule at the moment because we’re quite busy with the movies that we have scheduled.”

During the interview, Snyder sounded very optimistic about doing another Superman film. “I think if we can get a good script, it would be great to get a standalone Superman movie. I think that would be fun to do,” he said.

Cavill was also quite positive, saying, “it’s something that I would be very keen to do.” He did suggest that another solo outing as Clark Kent could rely on how Batman v Superman performs. “If this goes well then we can start to negotiate with Warner Bros. for a standalone Superman movie. But they’ve got their plans set out for other stuff and Justice Leagues and various other movies, so it’s about finding the time, really.”

It seems to be a question of priorities for all involved here. While DC are building out their cinematic universe, Zack Snyder is moving on to Justice League. As for Henry Cavill, he’s not yet established himself anywhere else. The British actor found himself overshadowed in Batman v Superman, so obviously he’d love another starring role.

Warner Bros. have already announced a full slate of films running through 2020. A Batman standalone will likely be the next title they add, pushing a possible Man of Steel 2 down the list. It might be a few years before we see Clark Kent fly off on his own again.

Image via Warner Bros.

  • Woop DeDoo

    With Henry Cavill? Zero interest. He has the acting ability of a robot… I was going to write “android,” then I remembered that the thing in Ex Machina was much more convincing.

  • Lynn

    Idk I think Henry Cavill hasn’t been given a fair chance. He could surprise us.

  • dlevine07

    they really should have made a Man of Steel 2 before jumping to BvS. It would have taken so much pressure off of BvS.