Would you fancy sweeping up after the Hulk brought down a building, leaving behind mountains of debris? It’s hard to imagine many would. A new piece of viral marketing for Captain America: Civil War is focusing on the damage and destruction that superheroes leave behind, which is left for others to clean up.

Marvel has created a YouTube account for their fictional news channel WHIH, and they’ve brought back a minor film character to present it. The clips are fronted by Leslie Bibb as journalist Christine Everhart, who appeared in Iron Man and Iron Man 2. This latest video saw the channel ask civilians if they are prepared to pay extra taxes to clean up the mess Capt. Steve Rogers and Co. leave behind.



This may not raise extra awareness for the film, but it does a good job of exciting fans. These reports further the Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding a realistic take on the fantastical events within the world. It also slightly teases Damage Control, the TV series Marvel is developing, which follows the tired souls who step in to start repairs in the aftermath of the superheroes’ day-saving escapades.

On top of giving fans a hint towards what to expect from Civil War, there are a few Easter eggs for those watching the news bar at the bottom. One suggests that Iron Man 3’s Trevor Slattery is getting his own TV movie within the MCU. On top of that, Hank Pym’s Pym Technologies is still struggling following the events of Ant-ManThe clip suggests the company is planning major lay-offs after Scott Lang destroyed their building.

This clip is nothing new; you can see another viral news reports for Civil War below. It’s likely the feed will add a few more videos before the film hits theatres May 6.



What do you think of this marketing tactic from Marvel? Do you have newfound empathy for those who have to deal with the destruction caused by avenging? Have these videos gotten you even more excited for the release of Captain America: Civil War?


Image via Marvel