It’s incredibly short, but so very worth it. Anyone who’s watched the ArrowFlash crossover specials on the CW will find this teaser familiar. Similar to when The Flash is featured on an episode of Arrow, a yellow streak races around the ‘S’ emblem. Again, it’s familiar; though, you can’t deny the effect looks awesome.

The ten second teaser also debuts what appears to be Supergirl and The Flash’s first run-in with one another. This is just a promo trailer so that particular scene may or may not actually feature in the episode, but, man, is it cool see.

[youtube id=”ObBVYoJY-dA”]

This episode seems like it’s been getting teased forever, even though it was just announced weeks ago. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over. The crossover episode airs Monday, March 28th on CBS at 8pm EST.


[Top Image: CBS]